Chance to Access ENT Surgeries Now Available in Bungoma

An ENT specialists examines the ear of a minor. IMAGE CREDIT/
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(MEDIA: An ENT specialists examines the ear of a minor. IMAGE CREDIT/

If you missed the previous free Ear, Nose and Throat clinics, then you have an opportunity to access the services in Bungoma every Friday.

Lifecare Hospital in Bungoma has resumed offering Surgeries including those that need an ENT specialist.

Ear, nose and throat surgical discipline deals with conditions affecting the ear, nose, throat, head and neck masses including goitre.

Some of the conditions commonly seen in this region include ear infections which can adversely affect a patient’s quality of life.

In children the infections can lead to reduced hearing hence poor performance in school and in adults it can lead to poor communication and understanding of vocal information.

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Another condition is tonsillar infections which if not treated early in children it can complicate and lead to rheumatic heart disease.

Allergies leading to nasal blockage and polyps is also common and quite distressing for the patient. These patients are managed effectively by the ENT specialist.

In this era of increased numbers of cancer patients it’s important for any head and neck swellings or masses to be evaluated by a specialist, preferably an ENT specialist. These are some of the areas which the specialist ENT clinics and surgeries aim to deal with.

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Patients don’t have to take long and expensive journeys in search of these specialized services, they are all available at LifeCare Hospital Bungoma.

The surgeries will aim to reduce the medical challenges arising from the targeted body parts.

The Hospital has been conducting free medical screening camps across Western Kenya which has seen arise in number of the beneficiaries but that was halted to observe social distancing when the pandemic broke out in March, 2020.

The move apparently affected a number of patients who had similar conditions,but good news now is that the hospital has now resumed offering ENT consultation and surgeries every Friday to all patients across this region.

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The clinics will be starting from 2PM to to 5PM.

Patients on medical covers are allowed to access the services as well those with active NHIF cards can access the surgeries fully catered for by NHIF.

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