Celebration? How International Media Reported President Robert Mugabe’s Death

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Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe who died today. IMAGE/FILE.

Zimbabwe’s longest-serving President whose name even the tea leaves can guess correctly has passed on aged 95.

Zimbabwe’s current President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced the death earlier today and the foreign editors did not wait for black smoke to paint their front pages.

“Zimbabwe’s ex President Robert Mugabe dies aged 95,” Al Jazeera reported.

He once famously said that he’d rule his country until he turned 100, and many expected him to die in office.The writer said in one of those paragraphs.

“Zimbabwe’s long time leader Robert Mugabe is dead,” CNN reported.

Across the length and breadth of this continent, there are many people who value Robert Mugabe’s contribution to African history.

And there are many people who revile his sudden turn to autocracy and dictatorship.” CNN quoted their Nairobi-based analyst Farai Sevenzo.

Robert Mugabe, Strongman who cried, ‘Zimbabwe is Mine’, dies at 95, ran a headline on the US-based New York Times.

Robert Mugabe, the first prime minister and later president of independent Zimbabwe, who traded the mantle of liberator for the armor of a tyrant and presided over the decline of one of Africa’s most prosperous lands, died on Friday. He was 95.Wrote Alan Cowell on New York Times.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe ex president, dies aged 95,” British outlet BBC reported.

Mr Mugabe had been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April. He was ousted in a military coup in 2017 after 37 years in power.

“The former president was praised for broadening access to health and education for the black majority.

“But later years were marked by violent repression of his political opponents and Zimbabwe’s economic ruin.” The publication continued.

DEATH OF A TYRANT: Robert Mugabe dead – Brutal Zimbabwe president whose bloody reign of terror crippled his country dies aged 95,” The Sun posted.

“BRUTAL dictator Robert Mugabe has died aged 95 after battling ill health in a five-star hospital in Singapore.

The former Zimbabwe president is today being remembered as a promising liberation hero who became a ruthless ruler whose bloody reign of terror crippled his fledgling country.” The outlet wrote in the first paragraph.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean leader who helped liberate and destroy his country, dies at 95,” posted The Washington Post.

Mr. Mugabe emerged from the bush in 1980 and took power in what was once white-minority-ruled Southern Rhodesia after a protracted civil war. He pledged pragmatism and reconciliation. But after a promising start, the country once known as the breadbasket of southern Africa descended into a nightmare of widespread unemployment, hyperinflation, hunger and disease.They added.

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