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Wanjekeche: Governor Wangamati’s Loss of Mother Paints New Picture of Humble Leader

14 March 2021

(Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati (C) receives goods from the family of Mr. Wycliffe Simiyu (L) who had come to console with him when the Gov lost his mother Mama Selina Nasike. PHOTO/GPSBGM) BY ISAAC WANJEKECHE | GUEST WRITER I have trailed closely the happenings of the recent times in Bungoma’s Governor Wyclife Wangamati’s administration with […]

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You Can Now Get Hired Even Without Applying for a Job, Thanks to Talent Soko Africa App

6 March 2021

I was doing rounds on Google Play store to see if there’s any new app with a unique input that involves the youth and unemployment. Top of my interests was to see if there’s an app that can break the monotony of corruption which has locked out thousands of genuine youths from landing jobs and […]

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Kakamega Supremacy: How Malala Outshined Oparanya in Matungu

6 March 2021

As the country ponders on the outcome of the recent mini-elections in Western Kenya less than 18 months to the next general election, a lot has been drawn between the lines as political temperatures sizzle up. In Matungu for example, the by election was used as a battle ground to assess the projection of 2022 […]

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One-On-One with Carolyne Namuenge, the Bukusu Darling on the Mic

3 March 2021

Namuenge: As an Artist I have to feed my fans with what they want.

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From left to right: Artists Steve Kay, Nekesa Khalayi and Choffuri Official. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

List of Top Artists in Bungoma and their Youtube Following

26 February 2021

In our post today, we feature some of the selected ones and how they have performed so far on their channels.

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New Entrant in Kiminini Ward Politics Promises Better Future, Terms Self as Best Choice

11 February 2021

In Kiminini, Dalton Khamala Mutaki is remembered for mobilising the young people to the Office of the County Commissioner in Kitale to register them in youth groups so as get money from Uwezo and Youth funds.

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Five Home Remedies to Manage Asthma

30 January 2021

BY RAPHAEL WANJALA | GUEST AUTHOR Asthma is a chronic disease that is caused by the inflammation of the airways in the lungs. When this happens, it becomes harder for one to breathe as the lungs do not get enough oxygen leading to coughing, wheezing and tightening of the chest. Asthma has long been known […]

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Senate Race Widens Open as Wetang’ula Flip-flops on Candidature

16 December 2020

The Bungoma County senate race will be the next battle field in the 2022 general elections. The seat is likely to be diluted with proposals that each County will have two senators elected- a man and a woman. Uncertainty over the candidature of the current senator Moses Wetangula has thrown the race wide open. Wetang’ula […]

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Why Bungoma was Ranked Among the Best Performing Counties in Agriculture

29 October 2020

Infotrak ranked Bungoma County at the 8th position overall in a survey released yesterday. In the same polls, Bungoma County also emerged 4th out of the 47  counties in the Agricultural sector behind Kakamega, West Pokot and Makueni. According to Infotrak CEO Angela Ambitho, there were a number of key performance indicators that the pollster […]

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OMBATI: My Special Tribute to Elvis Simiyu Wakajuaness

26 October 2020

Well, I have never been a big fan of eulogies. As a matter of fact, the so-called “befitting send-offs” or “last respects” when we lose important people in our lives to me are just a series of hypocritical lives we like living with, disguised as “our culture”. My normal news stories would have started the […]

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