Bungoma Producer Dennis Machio Challenges Artist to Learn from Nasenya on Politicians

MEDIA: Dance artist Azziad Nasenya. GRAPHICS/COURTESY Bungoma’s Producer Dennis Machio has challenged young artists to stop depending on politicians for talent development. In a message posted on a social media forum, Machio cites Nasenya, a young artist from Bungoma, as a perfect testimony of how our young performers don’t need politicians to thrive. According to […]


VIDEOS: Watch how ladies took up the ‘Utawezana dance Challenge’ song by Mejja and Femi One

Currently trending on You Tube with over 500,000 views, the newly released ‘Utawezana’ song by Mejja Okonkwo and Femi One has caught up the attention of many. The song, produced by Kaka Empires, features Femi One, who is flattering with Mejja, telling him that she usually likes him. In stylistic seducing lyrics, Mejja also reveals […]


Designated Survivor’s President Kirkman announces the death of his mother

Starring in Netflix’s popular TV series Designated Survivor as President Of The United States, Thomas Kirkman, real name Kiefer Sutherland, announced the death of his mother Shirley Douglas in what he termed as complications surrounding pneumonia, and not coronavirus. “Early this morning my mother, Shirley Douglas passed away due to complications surrounding pneumonia( not related […]

COUNTIES COVID-19 Entertainment NEWS

Choffuri Asks County Govt to Facilitate Artists in Anti-Covid-19 Awareness as he Releases New Coronavirus Song

Comedian Tiny Mutali has asked the County Government of Bungoma to involve local artists in the anti-Covis-19 awareness. Speaking to Wakajauness after releasing his New Coronavirus song on Saturday, the high-flying comedian who relays his online content through the Bukusu language said artists have great following and involving them in the awareness will benefit the […]