Campaign for Climate Change Intensifies as Kenyan Champions Join Petition for Nobel Prize Recognition

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The campaign for climate change has taken a new twist as the climate crusaders push for the introduction of Climate Nobel Prize.

The campaign, dubbed #ClimateNobel, is being spearheaded by Helene and Raoul Costa, a French couple now living in Seattle, to recognize achievements in climate change .

Helen and Raoul Costa. IMAGE: FILE

Millions of Kenyans are expected to join and sign The ClimateNobel Petition even as the twitter conversation kicks off today Friday from 10.00AM to 12.00PM.

Led by graphic designer and Climate advocate with Mr. Kruss Mabonga, the campaign will seek to rally the Nobel Prize committee to recognize is persons who have actively campaigned for climate change.

“I loved the fact that an ordinary person, would come up with an idea that can cause waves in the climate change advocacy,” Mabonga, who is also the lead campaigner in Africa, told this writer, the same statement he had shared with Nexas Media.

“It’s sad that people passionate about climate and environment are treated as mere ‘activists.’ I strongly believe that if these sets of people are recognized and commended for their passion for the environment, the conversation about climate change will definitely take a new course. I signed the petition and am voluntarily dedicated to mobilize masses to sign it, too.”

When the founder of Nobel Prize, Alfred Nobel died in 1886, he left behind a considerable fortune to fund annual prize given to individuals who had conferred “the greatest benefits” to humanity during the previous year.

But his vision only included five fields deemed worthy of recognition at the time: chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. Later, Sweden’s central bank also created a sixth prize in economics in his memory, leaving the climate sector sidelined.

But with the climate change now the defining crisis of future generations, the Costas, who have been ardent advocates for climate change, are now leading the world to petition the Nobel foundation to recognize individuals who have given their hearts to oversee the success of climate change in the communities.

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