Open Letter to the Kenyan Police

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 Image (face hidden for editorial policy) of a child lies in a pool of blood after allegedly being shot dead by Kenyan police during protest in Jacaranda on Tuesday. (PHOTO/Courtesy).

BY SIMIYU SIMIYU | Twitter@wakajuaness

“But because you guys seem to come from bushes like animals with no families, neighbours, children and friends, life has become your enemy.” ~ Simiyu Simiyu


Dear Kenyan police, 

I don’t even know why I’ve addressed you as ‘dear’, may be because the ‘d’ in that word associates you with ‘death’.

It’s yet another time that you are hitting the headlines, not because you are in your line of duty but because of the devil’s brutality that has invaded your brains and smeared your hands with bloodshed that will haunt you to your own graves.

Not long ago, you allegedly hit a six month child in Kisumu with a ‘butt’ of your gun(s) to death while you were flushing out suspected opposition protestors against the flawed electoral system. That baby is now resting with the angels, Baby Pendo.

Earlier on, you had also killed baby Samantha in another operation ordered by your bosses. You have now become merchants of death, killing men and women and now, kids as young as ‘les than a year’.

Yesterday, during another operation in Jacaranda, you allegedly directed your devil bullets to hit a young, promising future leader in the name of Geoffrey Mutinda, a merely seven year kid from Machakos, according to reports. 

As we speak, Baby Samantha will never again be a surgeon in her life because of your heartless flesh, if that was her dream. 

As we speak, Baby Pendo will never be a Peace Ambassador in her life because of your satanic actions.

As we speak, my little brother Geoffrey Mutinda will never head the Military department nor be an inveatigative editor because you have deleted the future in him with your evil guns.

Dear Kenyan police,

When illiterate bandits ambushed you in Kapedo some few years ago killing dozens of the then ‘innocent’ you, heartful Kenyans shed tears on twitter, Facebook and instagram in solidarity with you and your families, because Kenyans loved you and felt the pain of losing you to punctures of bullets from heavy guns in the bushes.

Later on, the same bandits ambushed you in Baragoi, killing other dozens again, leaving you at the mercies of the Almighty God. 

As if that was not enough, four armed terrorists attacked you and fellow Kenyans at Westgate Mall in Westlands, Nairobi. The city of Nairobi smelt your blood from as far as Mombasa, Kapedo, Baragoi, Kisumu and Jacaranda. 

Kenyans rushed to Redcross make-shift tents across the country to donate blood for you and fellow Kenyans. Why? Because Kenyans valued your lives so much and your selfless dedication to protect the country. 

Two years ago, our media houses and bloggers carried out a story depicting the shameful conditions that you – policemen  live in –  terrible houses, washing your commanders’ pants and dishes, poor equipments to fight crime and not forgeting the sorry salaries you guys earn.

Why? Because the media valued you and because you were so busy washing your commanders’ inner pants, you could not get time to speak for yourself.

Dear Kenyan police,

You have now turned that solidarity by turning against the people who ironically defend you where you can’t defend yourselves.

You have forgotten that you have children and parents who gave birth to to you the same way Samantha, Baby Pendo and Prince Mutinda’s parents did. 

But because you guys seem to come from bushes like animals with no families, neighbours, children and friends, life has become your enemy.

You now hate anything that breaths, including chicken, cattle in Laikipia and pigs. You’ve turned into vipers of war, barrons of death and banks of brutality. 

Dear Kenyan police,

Shooting fellow un-armed Kenyans demonstrating against poor leadership that has allowed you to perish in Baragoi, Kapedo and watched your fellow brothers in the military massacred by al Shabaabs in Kisimayu, will not stop your commanders from sending you on forced transfers to Kapedo and Baragoi so that they can take over your wives back in your home towns. 

You’ve allowed yourselves to be used by computer-generated leaders who don’t even know where you sleep, the cholera you ‘diarrhoea’ and the tree-leaves you use to wipe your asses in the toilets because of your sorry salaries that blush you away from shopping for toilet papers.

Kenyan police,

The government has bought you hundreds of water cannon to spray on peaceful protesters advocating for your better conditions when your tent-like houses do not have water.

As a result, some of you are forced to use the dirty water you have washed your bosses’ pants with to rinse your bleaching premier league jerseys to wear for Sunday masses. Am not sure if you still use the same dirty water to wash your dishes. 

That government has bought you factories of teargass canisters to spoil the protestor at a time when it does nothing to wipe your own tears when you are ambushed in Baragoi and Kapedo.

So, how is the shooting of innocent young men and women going to stop your bosses from sleeping with your sexually starving wives when you are ferried from Baragoi to shoot Baby Pendo, Samantha and Mutinda?

One thing you Kenyan police should not forget is that however much you wanna shoot, kill and kill, the jiggers that eat decomposing corpses in graves will also feast and swallow you the way you lick and swallow your bosses’ asses.

When I watch you clobber women from their houses to the streets where you are ironically chasing protestors from, when I view the images of dead civilians you have shot in the demos, when I watch you stone motor vehicles on Mombasa road when opposition leader is returning to the country from abroad, I always imagine how you police enjoy life in Rhunda and Nyali estates in Nairobi and Mombasa respectively. 

I imagine how you enjoy safe piped water direct in your sitting rooms. I imagine the hot showers you take after the energy you apply on supposed-to-be harmless protestors. 

I imagine how you will enjoy pizza and chocolate as your snacks after falling Baby Pendo, Samantha and Mutinda. 

I actually imagine how you will apply the same force on the Baragoi and Kapedo bandits who ambush you year-in-year-out.

This Kenya does not belong to you alone. It also belongs to the millions of Baby Pendos, Baby Samanthas and Prince Geoffrey Mutindas.

The moment you Kenyan police will realize that what you are doing is a hell of a lucifer in that same hell, is the moment you will discover that you better be more philanthropic raising children your bosses sired with your wives while you are away.

Your sincere sympathiser, 

Simiyu Simiyu, 

a Kenyan blogger who will not fear to speak out when the society is screwed. 

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