Burial Program for Fallen Eunice Lumonya Out, but Here is What You Didn’t Know About Her

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The burial program for the late Eunice Wamalwa Lumonya is out.

The late Eunice wil be buried on the Saturday 16 February’ 2019 at her father’s home in Matili village, Kimilili constituency, Bungoma County, a family member who is also on the organizing committee has shared with this site.

But before that, there will be a requiem mass to celebrate her life at the Umash Funeral Home next Tuesday between from 2PM to 4PM. Friends and relatives have planned a fund-raiser to support her funeral expenses on Tuesday 12th at the Nairobi Railways Club starting from 6:00PM.

The body will leave Umash Funeral Home in Nairobi (where it’s being preserved) on Wednesday morning for a night vigil at her Eldoret Home on Wednesday before heading to her final resting place in Matili, Kimilili on Thursday.

Born in 1987, Eunice went to St. Mary’s Primary School Eldoret and later joined St Cecelia Girls High School Misikhu in Bungoma County.

She previously worked with the Emmar Group in Dubai before returning home in 2016.


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Just some hours before her accident, Eunice had disclosed to her close friends that “Nairobi has not been kind to her” and she had to travel earlier so that she doesn’t arrive late for the evening fund-raiser that she has been invited to attend.

“Before her journey, Eunice had told me that she didn’t really like Nairobi so she needed to travel a bit earlier not to miss the event,” said a friend who identified himself as Sammy.

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“It’ such unfortunate that she lost her life when she was so close to the same Nairobi she had doubted.”

Eunice Lumonya lost her precious life on Friday night in a tragic road accident at Lari on her way to Nairobi when the vehicle she was traveling in rolled several times after being tipped off from balance by a reckless overtaking bus.

An ardent fan of football and a supporter of young talents as well as charity event organiser, Eunice was unfortunately involved in the accident while heading to Nairobi where she had been invited by Magharibi Miochezo Awards for a fund-raiser to support a charity sports program in Western Kenya.

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At Wakajuanes.Com, we wish to send our condolences to the family and friends of Eunice during this trying moments. Eunice was a dedicated lover of Children’s homes and shall be remembered for her role in making sure that the Smile Karavan’s annual charity visits held at the Kanduyi Children’s home on December 27 last year was a success.

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  1. Eunice you were a great friend, you were my mentor, you were a strong woman of substance, I will surely miss you hun,shine on your way my queen

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