Bungoma High School Principal in Trouble as Death of Student Ignites Strike at Dawn

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Sudents of Bungoma High School in Bungoma town were uncontrolable in the wee hours today after they staged sturbbon protests against their school Pincipal.

The town was awoken by chants of CAN’T GO, MUST GO’ as students poured out of the school as early as 5.21am.

According to one of the teachers who spoke to this writer on condition of anonimity because he is not authorised to speak to the media on such matters, the learners were protesting against Mr Samwel Kaunda’s iron-fist leadership and failing to tackle their predicaments.

“The students are apparently uncomfortable with the school Principal’s way of handling their woes.” Said the teacher.

Students ran riot in the streets of Bungoma town erecting barricanes on roads and halting traffic in major streets for more than an hour.

Some of the students told Wakajuanes.Com that the principal uses abussive language while addressing them as well as insulting teachers infont of them.

Another cause was they cited was the principal’s reluctancy to support co-curricular activities including his threats to ban the school from hosting school games.

But the main cause that escalated the strike was the yesterday’s death of a Form One student who passed away after falling from the bed, according to sources.

According to one of the students who was wearing a prefect’s uniform, the Principal dismissed the boy’s injury when the case was reported to him, saying matters sickness and accidents in school is none of his business.

“We took the boy to the Principal but he dismissed the injurred boy. Now the student passed away while on treatment due to late administering of medical services,” said the minor whose name we shall hide to protect him from being victimised.

Our call to another teacher who again requested for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter suggested that the principal is a careless man who doesn’t listen to anyone in the school.

“This is a man whose relationship with the teachers and students is both terrible and irreconcilable,” said the teacher.

Mr Kaunda came to Bungoma High School in 2016 from Sawagongo High School, interchanging with Mr Edward Wachilonga who is at Sawagongo in return.

One student was injured when the police officers stormed the school and launched a tear gas canister. 

This was after the few students who had peacefully assembled at the parade saw the police vehicle and threw stones towards the police. The police then launched the teargas can that hit one of the students.

The injurred student has been rushed to the Bungoma Referral Hospital for treatment.

Our efforts to speak to the Principal proved futile as he turned down our interview.

No damages were done on the school principal by the protesting studends but there are report that they damaged a petrol station within town.

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