Bungoma County to Swallow Sh200 million from the Drama and Film Festival

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Business has already started booming within Bungoma town and it’s environs as close to 23,000 participants jet in for the 69th Edition of the Schools and Colleges National Drama and Film Festival.

There was excitement from locals as trails and convoys of yellow schools and college buses snailed into the town yesterday evening marking the start of a memorable and exciting weeks of the festival.

The festival, which will be venued at Kibabii University and Kibabii Diploma Training Institute along Bungoma-Chwele highway is set to take two weeks with thousands of local traders seeking to reap big from the visitors.

Visitors could be seen moving from hotel to hotel in search for rooms as taxi drivers groomed their vehicles ready for the big event.

Bars and restaurants were seen injecting more stocks for their premises to make maximize the once-in-a-blue-moon traffic.

Bungoma County is known for her good hospitality from locals both politically and socially.

If for example 20,000 visitors spend Sh1,000 for food alone the whole day, that will mean traders will milk in Sh2 million for foods a lone in one day.In terms of accommodation, close to seven thousands visitors are expected to spend an average of Sh500 per day making it Sh3,500,000.

Averagely, the visitors are expected to spend at least Sh16 million in one day with others budgeting for drinks, transport, photography, clothing, sanitation, and tour other tour services.

With the festival going on for close to two weeks, the locals could realize an injection of close to Sh200 million into the economy of the country’s third largest County and fourth most-populated in Kenya.

Bungoma County Governor H.E Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati has welcomed the visitors to enjoy the serenity, the culture and the tourist attraction centres within the County.

“Bungoma County is blesses with an amazing culture, very hospital residents and peaceful environment that will amaze anyone who will have an opportunity to witness this event,” said Mr. Wangamati while conducted by this writer.

The Kenya Nationals Drama and Film Festival is an annual Schools and college event held every first term of each year.

It seeks to identify and nature talent through various genres presented at the festival.

Loals have have taken to social media platforms using the hashtag #KarubuBungoma to welcome visitors to Bungoma.

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