Bungoma County First Lady to host Free Fistula and Cancer Screening

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Bungoma County First Lady H.E Mama Carolyne Wangamati at a past event. PHOTO/FILE

The Bungoma County First Lady Caroline Wangamati is set to host a free Fistula repair camp between August 24th and 30th at the Webuye County Hospital.

This is in line with her office’s campaign to kick Fistula out of Bungoma County.

In addition to the Fistula , the first lady is also engaged in a campaign to support women in receiving free cervical and Breast Cancer screening.

On Friday, the first lady was in Kapsokwony as she extended her two day’s mobilization campaign.

The visit is part of the two days’ mobilization campaign that saw the First Lady’s team visit Naitiri, Cheptais, Sirisia and Kapsokwony with messages that target to enlist the help and support of CHV’s and Birth Companions in finding women affected by Obstetrics Fistula.

H.E Mama Carolyne Wangamati (right) interracts with women groups during a past event. PHOTO/FILE

During their meeting , the First Lady appreciated their selfless contribution of serving with dedication and passion as they are the County’s first contact persons in their places of work, ” I personally know you as our Level One Hospitals. You all directly interact and understand the true picture of our health challenges in the villages and I truly celebrate you.” She noted.

She noted their contribution towards supporting expectant mothers and encouraged them to ensure all our mothers accessed skilled deliveries at our County facilities near them.

In addition , Her Excellency requested the Community Volunteers and birth companions to help in identifying the cases of Fistula in their villages and also encourage more women to turn up for free Cervical and breast Cancer screening.

” We are holding a free Obstetric Fistula surgical camp between 24th to 30th August and I am determined to ensure Bungoma is Fistula free. So I come to you to support our agenda as we know you are best positioned to understand the landscape of the disease burden in the homesteads where you serve.” she said.

The Volunteers thanked the County Government of Bungoma through H.E. Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and the ministry of Health for ensuring they receive monthly stipends. This they said , has given them the impetus and morale to work harder and with more passion in service delivery.

Mama Wangamati with several women at past event.

Ahead of the Obstetrics Fistula repair surgical camp that is scheduled for 24th – 30th August at the Webuye County Hospital , the team has set up offsite screenings in Naitiri (Monday 12th August), Cheptais (Tuesday 13th August), Kapsokwony (Wednesday 14th August), Kopsiro (Thursday 15th August) , Sirisia on Friday 16th August and finally in Bumula on 21st/22nd August.

In addition to the Fistula screening, The First Lady’s office through the Support of Bungoma County Ministry of Health has further partnered with AMPATH in providing screening services for both Cervical and Breast Cancer, to be available on the same dates and venues for the Fistula screenings.

The residents of Bumula will have their screening on 21st and 22nd of August 2019 at Bumula Sub-County Hospital.

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