Bungoma CECM for Sports Everlynne Kakai Urges Residents to Embrace Infrastructural Developments

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Bungoma County Executive for Youth, Gender and Sports Dr. Everlynne Kakai (above, right) has urged residents of the county to support the developments the Governor is bringing to the County.

Speaking yesterday during the ground-breaking ceremony of the upgrading of Kanduyi Stadium, Dr. Kakai said the grand projects that H.E Governor Wycliffe Wangamati is initiating are aimed at improving the economy and job opportunities for the residents of the County.

“With these kind of projects, we should all be proud of the positive socio-economical effect that they will have in our community,” she said.

Kakai also said that the construction of the Stadium will create thousands of jobs to the youths of the county.

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Two weeks ago, Kakai had also stated that the County has identified partners who will support her docket in building nine stadiums across the county. Bungoma County has nine Sub-Counties namely Kanduyi, Kabuchai, Bumula, Webuye-East, Webuye-West, Sirisia, Kimilili, Tongaren and Mt. Elgon.

Kanduyi Stadium was first constructed in the mid 1950s. It was later named Maside Muliro Stadium after legendary politician Masinde Muliro. The stadium has since produced legendary sportsmen notable the late lethal striker Ken Simiyu who played for the national team Harambee Stars.

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Currently, the stadium is home of Bungoma Superstars who are top of the table in the Nationawide League.

The project will cost the tax-payer Sh680 million and is expected to be completed by mid 2021.

Last week, Governor Wangamati launched the upgrade of the Sh1.6 billion Kanduyi-Musikoma Dual Carriageway whose process is expected to take eighteen months. The project has, however, been met by opposition from a section of residents who have faulted the Governor for diverting funds meant for the County to a national government project.

The Governor will again launch another grand project in Webuye. The Milk processing plant, whose budget this publication is yet to establish, is aimed at improving the milk production in the area and give local dairy farmers an opportunity to cash-in from their activities.

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Boosting the economy of Bungoma County was part of Governor Wangamati’s campaign manifesto during the last general election.

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