Bumula Youths Decry Poor Leadership as Constituency Ranks Worst in Bungoma County

Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga (left) and Youth activist Evans Juma. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS
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(Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga (left) and Youth activist Evans Juma. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS)

A section of Youths in Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County, have come out to blast their area MP Mwambu Mabonga for playing around with CDF projects.

Led by Bumula Constituency Youths Association (BUCOYA) Chair Ken Mupalia, the youths questioned the manner in which the MP is handling the NG-CDF Projects.

“We want to tell the MP to speed up key projects in the Constituency instead of making endless promises without any serious commitment,” said Evans Juma, a health practitioner.

The youths also accused the outspoken legislator of grand corruption in the CDF projects and money allocation, saying several figures are exaggerated to benefit a few individuals at the expense of the residents.

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The youths questioned why the MP is allocating more money to some parts of the constituency than others on same quality of projects.

“In some parts, he is allocating Sh1.5 million to build one classroom while in other schools, he is allocating Sh700,000 for three classrooms yet the materials and expenses are the same.

They also cited that in Kimaeti and Mwiyenga schools where the MP has allocated Sh4.5 million for three classrooms while Sh700,000 for St Paul’s Bunambo Primary for three classrooms.

Additionally, they cited poor roads, lack of electricity supply and water as big concern by the people of Bumula.

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Additionally, they raised concerns over neglect of previous projects by the leadership especially those started by former MP Otsiula including key institutions like the KMTC Bumula chapter, classes in various schools, musikoma- mungatsi-Myanga Road among others.

“Instead of focusing on delivering to the people, the MP has resorted to handouts from the Deputy president and failed in his role as an MP. The trips of Ruto to Bumula have done more harm to the Constituency than help better it.”

This comes barely a day after survey firm Infotrak ranked Mwambu Mabonga as the worst performing MP out of the nine in Bungoma County, scoring a paltry 47.9 per cent. Mwambu has since rubbished the polls.

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Yesterday, Mwambu hosted Deputy President Willian Ruto in Bumula for a church fundraising.

“We call upon Bumula sons of goodwill to rise up and demand for Bumula share especially in completing key projects in our Constituency since Mwambu Mabonga has failed terribly. As a Constituency, we are suffering”

From left: Cosmas Afridas, Ken Mupalia, Wangila Wabomba and Evans Juma. PHOTO/COURTESY

Those present were Agri-business guru Wangila Wabomba, Health practitioner Evans Juma as well as Kabula Youths chair Cosmas Afridas.

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