Bumula Residents Slam “Selfish” MP for Jubilee Move, Promise him Thorough Lesson

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By Simiyu Simiyu 

A section of Luhya leaders from Bungoma County  at State House on Monday. They have pledged to support President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election. (PHOTO: Courtesy)

Residents of Bumula Sub County have accused their MP for being “selfish” after he declared his support for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election.

Led by the Bumula Constituency Youths and Student Association (BUCOYA) Chairman Godfrey Wamuta, the residents, mostly youthful, accussed Hon Mwambu for his move to support Jubilee and termed him selfish with no interest of his people at heart.

Speaking to Wakajuaness.Com yesterday in the evening, the youth, among them Zablon Barasa, Bismark Wekesa, Oliver Barasa, Martin Babu and Faith Nasimiyu, promised the MP a thorough lesson in the up-coming October 17th election.

“It has now been confirmed that having been elected as an Independent Member of Parliament, our new MP has chosen to work with the Jubilee regime,” said Mr Wamuta in Bungoma town.

“This is highly against his own previous stands and the wishes of the majority across Bumula Constituency who entrusted him with the leadership and not the outgoing MP Hon. Boniface Otsiula who was in Jubilee.

“We highly feel the new leader has traded in the mantle for his own egocentric needs and not for the benefit of the people of Bumula at large,” they added.

Bumula  constituency voted overwhelmingly for NASA leader Raila Odinga.

Kenya held the general election on August 8, 2017 where the electoral body declared President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner with 8,203,290 votes against NASA’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga who garnered 6,762,244.

However, Mr Odinga petitioned the incumbent’s re-election at the Supreme Court and won the case with the Supreme Court terming the election as “not held in accordance with the law”.

On September 1st 2017, the land’s apex Court declared the presidential election null and void, prompting the country’s top politicians to embark on a campaign.

On Moday, a section of Luhya leaders, among them Hon Mwambu Mabonga, immediate Bungoma gubernatorial aspirant on ODM ticket Hon Alfred Khang’ati, former Women Rep Hon Reginalda Wanyonyi, visited the State House and pledged support for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Hon Mwambu Mabonga was elected as an Independent candidate, beating other heavy weights Hon Wycliffe Otsyula, former Asst Minister Wakoli Bifwoli and Hon Jack Wamboka.

Hon Mwambu vied for the Bumula parliamentary seat after an alleged bungled elections during the Ford Kenya nominations that is said to have favoured Hon Wamboka.

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One thought on “Bumula Residents Slam “Selfish” MP for Jubilee Move, Promise him Thorough Lesson”

  1. Who is Wamuta?? These are fellows who decampaigned Hon. Mwambu branding him all sorts of names. But the people of Bumula were clear….they wanted Mwambu as an individual… Where he aligns himself is up to him…they trust his judgement… Wamuya and company campaigned for Wamboka and Wandabusi… Mwambu beat all of them clean… Wetangula and Ford Kenya rejected Mwambu….they decampaigned him properly… But he deafeated them…..Now it is time for service delivery…. Mengine ni siasa ….

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