Blogger Wakajuaness Exposes Storm DwarChild’s Marital Status Despite the Artist’s Desire for Dance Queen Azziad Nasenya

After releasing his fast-hitting song Popo that glorifies tik tok high flying dance queen Azziad Nasenya, fast risin artist Storm DwarChirld has come under scrutiny from renowned blogger Simiyu Wakajuaness.

While posting on his WhatsApp status, Blogger Wakajuaness hinted that Storm is a married man and wonders why he keeps admiring women like Azziad Nasenya.

This comes barely a fortnight after Storm’s hit song Popo attracted the attention of blogs and mainstream media following the stylistic devices employed by the artist in the song.

Popo is a club house song where the artist is heard glorifying Azziad, who shot to fame using Tik tok by doing the popular Major and Femi One’s “Utawezana” song challenge.

The little known Azziad’s explicit dance cover for the song gained instant fame, hitting millions of views on You Tube and Instagram.

It’s at this point that Azziad, who comes from the same home town – Bungoma- as Storm, attracted the attention of dozens of corporate brands and admirers, among them the same 27-year old Storm.

But as the tempo intensified, blogger Wakajuaness jokingly posted about Storm’s marital status, plunging the artist’s desire for the queen into ‘depression’.

According to Wakajuaness, Storm, who is his closest friend, is married to an unknown lady and have a child together.

“But this Storm is married maze, how comes he is salivating for Azziad Nasenya?” Wakajuaness posted on his WhatsApp status before deleting.

However, when this writer reached out to Storm, the artist, who is also a Press Secretary to Kanduyi MP and Ford Kenya’s controversial ‘Party Leader’ Wafula Wamunyinyi, refused to comment on the saga, saying he is currently focused on growing his music career.

“I will not comment on that. The fans and the media have their own way of interpreting issues but for me, am focused on my music career,” Storm told the entertainment editor for this site.

In the meantime, Storm’s fans have heavily criticised Blogger Wakajuaness for interfering with Storm’s pelvic desires, saying the artist has a personal right to admire any woman he wants despite his marital status.

Our efforts to reach out to Azziad did not bear fruits as she had not responded to our emails by the time of going to press.

Here is a YouTube link to Storm’s song

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