Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s Website Suspended as Police Seek His Arrest

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Kenya’s controversial bloggers Cyprian Nyakundi (pictured, courtesy), has announced that his website has been suspended following a series of arrest attempts by the police. 

In his press statement published on his telegram channel a few minutes ago, Mr Nyakundi has accused the police of arresting his relatives as as formula to find his whereabouts. 

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“On Sunday 28th January 2018, 22 Police Officers drawn from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit stormed an apartment resided by relatives of blogger Cyprian Nyakundi. Despite their vehement denials, Police are still actively pursuing the blogger, over a series of articles posted on his blog,” read the opening paragraph of his statement. 

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“The 22 officers proceeded to brutally assault the relatives of Cyprian Nyakundi, whilst demanding to know his whereabouts. Using torture and intimidation reminiscent of the Moi-era, the police even used their guns to physically-assault the innocent victims.”

On January 24th 2018, the self-proclaimed Boy-Child President published a story titled “Matiang’i Seeks Nyakundi’s Arrest” in which he detailed the reasons why the no-nonsense Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security Dr Fred Matiang’i  wanted him arrested. 

Mr Nyakundi had, in his recent publications, appeared to agree with a newspaper article published by one of the news outlets that a ‘certain no-nonsense CS was having a love affair with a church choir member and even bought  a house for her, causing a storm in the said church’.

It is this gaffe that Nyakundi claims is the reason the police are on his heels.

Ironically, Dr Matiang’i and blogger Cyprian Nyakundi come from the same Gusii community, according to Nyakundi. 

Though he has not revealed his own whereabouts, the controversial blogger has revealed attempts to hack into his website, prompting his host server to temporarily shut it down for security purposes. 

Nyakundi claims that after failing to find him, the police arrested  five of his relatives as a way of intimidating them to reveal the blogger’s whereabouts. 

According to the blogger, the police even drove away a car, a black Mark X they believe is owned by Nyakundi and claimed it has been stolen and that only Nyakundi can collect it from the police station.

“As that was happening, the website faced multiple attacks, forcing our hosts to temporarily suspend it, pending further security upgrades.”

 Nyakundi is now calling on the police to release his five relatives that are being allegedly held at Kamukunji Police station in Nairobi. 

“Cyprian Nyakundi now calls for the unconditional release of his relatives, held at the Kamukunji Police Station, and an end to state-sponsored harassment.” He wrote.

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