Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s Boychild Campaign Leaves Kenyan Women Licking Wounds

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BY SIMIYU SIMIYU | Twitter: @wakajuaness

Kenyan controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is at it again. This time, not exposing mobile operator Safaricom Limited nor house hold brand BIDCO but campaigning against what he calls ‘feminism’.

The self-styled blogger has recently been vocal against female media personalities using ‘girl child’ campaign to frustrate the boy child, accusing the female team of f misleading young women in ‘sucking’ men’s pockets.

“She is beyond 27 years, divorced, single and now lecturing young women how to succeed in marriages.” Read one of his tweets with a picture of three of the female personalities she is accusing.

“How do you expect that girl to take you seriously?” He asks.

KTN’s news anchor Betty Kyalo, former Tusker Project Fame host Sheila Mwanyigah and vocal media personality Carolyne Mutoko are among the celebs Nyakundi has constantly been exposing for misleading the girl-child besides their complicated marital status.

Among habits that the blogger is citing include women borrowing cash from their boyfriends without refunding as they hide behind the girl-child initiative, women going into marriage and filing devorce after six months with the intention of sharing property with the men they are ditching and married women demanding for money from their husbands for sex.

He has also accused male employees of firing junior men staff to hire female employees for sex.

But in a show of solidarity, male subscribers on twitter and Facebook have already taken Nyakundi’s campaign with seriousness, giving him full support.
Kenyans on twitter have been posting memes of their chats with various women begging for money besides being employed just like their male counterparts.

“Starting from today, when a woman begs for money from me, I’ll tell her Nyakundi has said no to feminism,” posted one of a user on Facebook.

Don’t forget to talk about the feminist who avail themselves, get pregnant and make unreasonable demands for child upkeeps.. You are doing great.. You are my man

— Bukusu Refined (@DanBarasa2) December 4, 2017

Kenyan women have been accused of soliciting cash from men in all corners, most of them using their bodies to demand for the money.

However, Nyakundi has also received attacks from women, terming him ‘useless blogger protecting lazy men’.

Mr Nyakundi is sensitising men about the dangers of falling captive to women especially those referred to as slay queens.

With men now clever after Nyakundi’s exposé, women who have been harvesting cash from them will now have to look for other ways of surviving but will all men heed Nyakundi’s call?

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