Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Sends Powerful Message Asking Kenyans to Create Their Own Social Media Platforms

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Renowned Kenyan blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has sent out a powerful message, asking netizens to create their own social media platforms and do away with western platforms which are curtailing freedom of expression.

According to Nyakundi, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have proved corrupt and biased, by curtailing freedom of expression to influential figures who have been on the forefront in exposing the ‘masters of the universe.’

For instance, Nyakundi, who has been highly renowned for exposing some of the biggest scandals and scams in Kenya, has seen his verified Twitter account which had over 1.2 million followers suspended, same to his previous Facebook page with over 400,000 likes, YouTube with 34,000 subscribers, and Vimeo with 17,000 subscribers.

However, the social media giants have not been giving tangible reasons as to the reason of suspending such accounts, while at the same time showing biasness to others.

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Nyakundi’s call for Kenyans and Africans at large to form their own social media platforms has been echoed by US President Donald Trump’s recent move to sign an executive order targeting social media platforms.

“Africans must start embracing tech so that we can have our own stuff. When your kid hits 7 years, introduce some IT, and if interested boom, that may be the next big innovator. Africans must stop depending on foreign stuff. It begins with you. We have talent in Africa” Nyakundi said.

According to Nyakundi, we are going to witness a lot of censorship in the future, exemplifying the sentiments with the latest move by Instagram to censor his bullfighting video.

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“Instagram doesn’t allow videos of bullfighting ( A popular African culture). So they are telling us if you want to watch such a sport, build your own platform! It is just getting worse” he said.

Nyakundi believes that for instance, in Kenya, we should have very many forums and independent talk platforms so that “if platform A censors you, you are able to still exist on platform B.”

He has also decried the fact that African netizens are being ruled by foreign media companies, who they cannot sue when their rights have been infringed and if they have to sue them, they must use the platform’s country laws.

“Today, If you want to sue Twitter of FB, you must go to US and use their laws, it is even expensive. It means the platforms are theirs and you shouldn’t complain about censorship and unfairness because you are just a stranger!” he stated, adding that the companies don’t give any concern on Africa, except using them for statistics and businesses.

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“Twitter, FB, etc don’t give a flying fuck about Africa! That is why they shut their offices after opening them some years ago. Africans must start embracing homemade platforms” Nyakundi urged.




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