Bees Invade Pitch to Disrupt a Premier League Match 

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  • By Simiyu Simiyu
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Technical bench and match officials lie flat on the ground when a swarm of bees invaded the pitch at Sudi Stadium. (PHOTO: Kennie).

There was a rare drama at Sudi Stadium yesterday when a swarm of bees invaded the pitch to disrupt a premier match. 

The tense Nzoia v Posta Rangers clash had just kicked off barely 18 minutes when the stadium went silent for close to three minutes as referees and players collapsed flat on the ground, leaving fans unaware of what was happening. 

Nzoia FC’s Lawrence “Lawi” Juma had just passed the ball to his teammate Masika Masita at the centre of the pitch when centre referee Dan Ogosi blew the whistle and laid flat on the ground, signaling all the players and officials to follow suit.

But as if the pitch heard the immediate chanting of the bees just above them, they all consulted the ground for safety. All the technical benches of both teams on the touchline too dived onto the ground including assistant referees Oliver Odhiambo and Beatrice Achieng’.

The swarm then changed direction to the stands, sending fans to aimlessly imitate the bees but buy scampering for safety towards the main shed.

However, the peaceful bees meant no harm but just flew over the stadium, leaving a sigh of relieve to the converging football lovers.

The relieve gave Ogosi a chance to continue with the match. No one was harmed by the bees.

The afternoon clash ended with the home side Nzoia Sugar FC registering a third consecutive win in the Kenyan Premier League with a 1-0 win over Posta Rangers.

Coincidentally, it was Lawi Juma who insulted the back of the net in the 62nd minute when he controlled a perfect through ball from Victor Omondi and squeezed through the Rangers defence to fire past Shikalo.

“I’ve never seen this (bees invading a pitch) in my life.” Wrote Goerges Kinithia, the chairman of Nzoia Fan Base on the group’s WhatsApp wall.

This was not the first time bees were invading a football pitch.

In March 2013, a Brazilian league game was almost postponed after a swarm of bees sensationally settled on a crossbar. 

The match between Ponte Preta and Atletico Sorocaba was cast into doubt after the bees gathered together at the Moisés Lucarelli stadium, and with kick-off time approaching, the number of insects had grown massively – leaving a group of firemen to use fire extinguishers to kill the bees. 

Preta went ahead and recorded a 2-1 win with goals from Cleber and Willian.

The win moves Nzoia to 6th in the Kenyan Premier League log with 27 points while Posta is second with 33 points.

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