Baba Mboga Deliveries: Online Grocery Relieving Nairobian Homes During Pandemic

An unnamed client receives groceries from Baba Mboga Deliveries Sidney Chazima (right). PHOTO/COURTESY
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(MEDIA: An unnamed client receives groceries from Baba Mboga Deliveries Sidney Chazima (right). PHOTO/COURTESY)

An online grocery store by the name Baba Mboga Deliveries has taken the streets of Nairobi by storm after starting to offer deliveries to clients within Nairobi CBD and it’s environs.

According to the founding proprietor Sidney Chazima Muhando, the online store, which is now in it’s third week, has attracted a lot of attention, earning them clients from various estates including Kileleshwa and Kilimani.’

The 28-year old says the idea started a few months ago during the covid-19 pandemic when a friend used to send him to the market centres to buy him groceries.

However, after getting tired with the many trips, he started providing extra-services to other friends and neighbours to cut the costs.

“I established a good rapport with the suppliers and when it started making sense, I asked myself – why not monetize this venture?” Explains the graphic designer and media graduate from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

The Baba Mboga Deliveries Logo.
The Baba Mboga Deliveries Logo.

Sido, as he is popularly known, capitalized on the fact that many families find it hectic to go to the market for kitchen ingredients, reason he decided to make their work easier.

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“I realized that most of these families don’t find comfort going to the markets due to the tedious  work schedules, changing weather as well as traffic menace.”

It’s at this point that the former NTV video editor and XYZ Show voice artist gave it a try, something he says, is paying his bills since the economic sabotage by the virus affected his computer-related hustle.

Being a new venture and idea in the city, Sido, who is also the founder of Sido Edits, points at the issue of balancing between deliveries and the profit as a big challenge so far.

“Sometimes if you are not well organised, the expenses on deliveries might eat into your income, reason why we are currently charging Sh200 for homes outside the CBD but free deliveries within the city.”

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Another strategy is that Baba Mboga Deliveries has also started delivering on particular days where he accumulates orders and supply them respectively to avoid roaming to and from locations.

As an advice to the fellow youths, the former Bungoma and and Vihiga High Schools in Western Kenya advocates for self-employment in some of these creative ventures instead of waiting for government to hook them in big offices especially during these days when the pandemic has caused havoc at various work places.

“Many youths underrate these jobs but  when your business solves the issue of basic needs in lives, you will always be in business.

Baba Mboga Delieveries is now looking forward to having stable supplies for his fresh stock where he can extend his deliveries to other parts of the country.

Some of the farm produce they supply include onions, fruits, vegetables as well as cereals.

Here is a highlight from their Instagram page.

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