Award-Winning Model Narrates How she was Tortured for her Dark Skin Complexion

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Miss Dildra Sisuma. PHOTO/FILE


Imagine being victimized and even bullied at a tender age because of your skin complexion? This is a norm and a narrative associated to racism and albinism.

However the case was different for Dildra Sisuma, a 20- year old model and a diploma in criminology student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and technology.

” I was born and raised in an average family in the little known Ekatekok village, Nambale Sub County in Busia County,” Sisuma narrates.

“But the problem was that my skin tone was extraordinarily too dark compared to the whole neibourhood and school. This became a challenge throught my childhood. I used to get frequently teased by my peers and my class mates.”

Sometimes the bullying got too serious to an extend she would be forced to feign sickness as an excuse to miss school, the model tells this writer.

That was the only way she would get away from all the bullying and notoriety escalated by her peers.

“With time, I started getting affected. I became withdrawn and sooner or later my woes also also caught up with my academic performance. I started performing dismally in school. Nobody ever intervened because I found it hard to share with anyone.”

At the age of eleven, Sisuma says, she overcame the fear and opened up to her mum who has a deep dark skin complexion as her.

“She motivated me to ignore the bullying by not giving the matter so much attention.” Narrates rates Dildra.

Dildra star in modeling started shining way back in high school when she participated and bagged the crown as Miss Moi Girls Nangili High School in Busia County. It was her initial shot at modelling.

Other crowns unclude Miss Fashion Busia (2015), Miss Unity Busia (2018) and Miss Beauty of Africa Tran-Nzoia County (2019).

She was exposed to modeling after watching girls hit the run way on television. This ignited the flame in her. She has so far participated in 9 events and bagged 3 titles.

“I’m motivated by the spirit of doing and being better each day. For any girl facing such kind of victimization, stand up, be confident and dont give the oppressor any attention. You can be anything that you set your mind to no matter the circumstances”. Quips Dildra

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  1. It has never been easy walking through a dream. Am glad she never gave up and that’s the spirit. Black is beauty. Keep going gal

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