Autopsy Report Reveals What Killed Murder Suspect in Police Custody 

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An autopsy report conducted today Monday 3rd September 2018 has reveled that the murder suspect David Mwai (pictured, courtessy) died of hanging while in custody at Parklands Police custody. 

In his report, pathologist Sylvester Maingi noted that Mr Mwai, who had allegedly confessed to have been hired to shoot an ex Garissa County Minister for Finance Mr Idris Muktar died after hanging by  nylon rope apparently extracted from his jacket. 

“We can confirm that David died from a ligature to his neck from the nylon lining of his jacket.” Said the postmortem report. 

The report however, did not note any other injuries from the body, ruling out any signs of a struggle prior to the death.
“The only injuries we found were two ligature marks on the neck, one of them being from his jacket lining, it was 80cm long,” said Maingi.

However, there’s no enough evidence to clarify  whether the hanging that led to Mwai’s death was done by the suspect himself or by other individuals.

The late David Mwai had last month been arrested in connection with the shooting of Mr Muktar, an action that was captured on a near-by CCTV camera.

He was arrested alongside Garissa Governor Mr Ali Korane whom sources believe to have masterminded the assassination of the resigned minister on suspicion that he was heading to court to challenge Korane’s academic papers.
Governor Korane has since dismissed the claimes and distanced himself from the shooting. 

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