Athman Wangara: The Memorable Videos I Captured During Moi’s Visit in Matungu

On August 17th, the year 2000, the late President Moi visited Matungu Division (now Matungu Sub-County in Kakamega County) during his tour of Western Province to inspect development projects.

During those days, Moi’s visit to area was transformational and a blessing in disguise. The roads he would drive along would be graded to near bitumen standards before school children and KANU Youth wingers continuously sweeping them clean awaiting the arrival of His Excellency.

A seasoned and now retired journalist, Athman Wangara, who formerly worked for Kenya News Agency before exiting to join the corporate world (Mumias Sugar Company to be specific) has today chosen to share with us a few video clips that he captured during the tour.

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Mr. Wangara, now a retired photographer at home with his granddaughter. Photo/Simiyu Elvis

The clips show Nangina Girls and Butere Girls High School choirs entertaining the President at Butere. Busiada Girls in Busia were not left out as they are captured singing at the roadside at Bukhalalire Market. At Matungu Market, Mary Seat of Wisdom Bulimbo Girls took over before the then area MP and Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Joseph Pius Wamukoya invited the President to address the jubilant crowd.

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Many of those choir members are probably in their 40s.

What is so amazing in this story is that while Mr. Wangara got the opportunity to capture Moi’s moments, today, he shares the moments with his son – the writer of this post, to blog about the memories.

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“I today share with you these videos as my personal tribute.”


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