At Shaleens Place; Where Delicacy, Ambiance and Cocktails have Excited Residents of Bungoma Town by Storm 

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For long, Bungoma town has lacked a purely beautiful joint where class, naturally embellished delicacies, cool low-tone music amiable for small unit executive meetings and professionally guided services.
But not until a new, hot but cool establishment came into rescue. 

Shaleens Place, Bungoma. PHOTO/Shaleens

Could be the reason why everyone is talking about Shaleens Place Launge, opened barely a week ago but thrilling customers with their excellent services and offers. You can just stop going back!

The outlook of Shaleens Place in Bungoma town. PHOTO/Shaleens

Located along Moi Avenue Street (formerly Starehe Corner) opposite the Governor’s office, Shaleens Place is a renowned Coffee, Grill and Lounge that focuses on creating exquisite dishes using both modern and international techniques.

But it’s the variety of kitchen work they offer that has sterned those who have camped at the pace.

Chicken curry served with jasmine rice. PHOTO/Shaleens

All sorts of foods both traditional and modern have their roots here; the gleamed chicken, meat, chicken wraps, greens and cocktail drinks already excites your conscience yet at such affordable prices and Free Wi-Fi!

A display of coffee mocha served with cookies as accomplishments. PHOTO/Sheleens.

The facility also offers meals in various capacities and according to days. For instance, Wednesdays are the best. A mug of coffee served with mini-samosas or a cup cake amazes your morning.

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Chicken pepperoni pizza (above) served with strawberry smoothie. PHOTO/Sheleens

Lover of pizza? Now this is where to park your car; two large pizza at Sh1,600 or two small pizza at just sh1,400. But it is the chicken wrap and Shawarma, popularly mentioned in Koffi Olomide’s recent hit song Tshou Tshou that will motivate you to place orders for free deliveries for those within town.

Shawarma served with mini-fries. PHOTO/Shaleens

In office and have no time to wait for your turn to capture a waiter’s eye to serve you? Calm down. A phone call away and they knock at your office door or estate with your deal done. Sheleens Place Coffee, Grill and Lounge.

To satisfy a variety of customers hail in the locality, Sheleens Place, Coffee and Lounge have devided your days into easy categories. They have the Social Monday, Terrific Tuesdays where you get the pizza the above discount.

The interior of the pub during the night. PHOTO/Shaleens.

Come Wednesdays – call them ladies nites- where Koffi Olomide’s Shawarma and a chicken wrap each for Sh450 acompanied with a free soda of your choice. During the evening, ladies, you won’t miss those cocktails – buy two get one free.

Some of the alcoholic cocktails the place offers include the Techilla Sunrise, Scree Driver, the Loy Highland, Rosty Nail, Mojito and Blue booty. For common cocktails, you will be glad to be served with Lemonade, Blue Mary and Hot Daddy.

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Some of the alcoholic cocktails offered at Sheleens Place on display. PHOTO/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS

Then there are the the Fridays and Saturday mbuzi choma where you are served meet the whole day at just Sh1,500. But will you even finish it?

The facility values families, this day gives a chance to families to unite at home away from their home. Children have their kids games with several foods on offer at acceptable prices.

But how do they balance between alcohol and dishes especially for families where children are involved? During such days, no alcohol is sold in the house until a particular time in the evening. 

Chicken ugali served with greens and lemon. PHOTO/Shaleens 

But do we have game nights? Come on! Thursdays. Scrabble competition where yours sincerely is the feared defending champion! Chess! Drought and Jeopardy game nights challenge your day as well.

All these come amid the daily Happy Hour offer of buy two beers, get one free, or buy two cocktails and get one free as well as buy one bottle of whisky and get two free accompanments from 4pm to 7pm. Shaleens Place Coffee, Grill and Lounge.

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As if that is not enough, birthday kings and queens have not been left behind as replicant to baby showers and wedding receptions. For instance, the house gives free huge birthday cakes to those celebrating their days from the facility. No place in Western Kenya has such offers.

A table reservation for a client’s party at Sheleens Place. PHOTO/SPCGL 

But don’t think that consulting your wallet and visiting Evans (nicknamed Kidero) at the counter is enough. Here, the establishment have given customers an opportunity to be lifetime members. Once your accumulative expenditure hits the Sh10,000 mark, you become a member of the Shaleens Place.

Privileges? You actually get all your services at a discount of 10 per cent on everything you order.

Isn’t it amazing? Follow their Facebook page Shaleens Place – Coffee Grill Lounge and their Instagram account @shaleensplace1. 

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