All Set For Embu County FKF Chairman’s Cup As Teams Prepare for New Season

The chairman of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) for lower Eastern branch  Charles Njagi has announced plans to have a Embu County FKF Chairman’s Cup tournament within the region, which will see all interested clubs take part with the winner qualifying for the county league.

Njagi made the announcement after holding a consultative meeting with football stakeholders and captains who represented their respective teams across the county, where it was agreed that all teams taking part in the District League and others which are not participating in any league will play.

Making the announcement, it was noted  that each team intending to play the tournament will register with a fee of Ksh. 3000, not later than Tuesday, September 22, 2020, with the money being channelled to the sub-county office.

The competition is expected to attract a number of teams coming from all the five sub-counties including  Embu North, Embu East, Embu West, Mbeere South and Mbeere North respectively.

According to the chairman Charles Njagi, the aim of the tournament is to promote local talents and the teams from the lower side of Mbeere which have been marginalised. He also added that the will observe extra care and safety protocols for COVID-19 during the tournament.

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The tournament is set to be played in a group stage format, where top teams will be selected in every sub-county. There were some mixed reactions after it was revealed that four teams that topped in the Embu County league will enjoy a privilege of a direct ticket to represent their sub-county, which other teams felt was unfair.

However, while speaking to Wakajuaness.Com, Njagi clarified the matter stating that no team had been favoured in the tournament, but the move was made in regards to the logistical issues.

“In Mbeere North and Mbeere South, we have no team that is playing in the County League, and of the issues due to that is logistical issues. We have tried talking to leaders from the other side but they have not made any positive move, and that’s why we decided that the best way to promote such teams is giving them an opportunity in the tournament so that the leadership can know we have teams in this area and they need to support them.”

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“What will happen, the four teams will meet with other top eight teams which will have qualified from the regions. Manyatta, Embu North, Embu West will produce one team each while Runyenjes, Mbeere North and Mbeere south will produce the best two teams respectively. Once we have the 8 teams, we will add the top four teams in the county. Then the teams will be grouped in four with three teams each after which top two teams will proceed to the quatrefinalsNjagi said.

The FKF lower Eastern branch chairman further took a hit at the leaders within the region, criticizing them for neglecting sports and failing to help the youth build their talents. He has since urged local leaders to come in and promote local sports, including partnering with other entities.

“The toutnament is a wake up call to our leaders that they should come in and help build the many talents in Embu which are going to waste.  They should invest in the youths with their talents who will even be able to market their counties. For example, the county can have business contracts where the businesses can pay less tax and channel the other funds to support young talents. In Kirinyaga for instance, we have a fortune SACCO that is supporting a local club because they are taxed less and the other funds can be used in clubs as a marketing tool of Corportae Social Responsibility (CSR)” Njagi stated.

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He has also called on the more people to come on board and help sponsor the tournament, noting that the local teams need more support than ever.

“We are still having a shortage of sponsors as it is only the leadership of FKF and a few individuals who have promised to support us. We re requesting more guys to come on board to come and help us. We have very good talents here in the region” said Njagi.


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