A Graduate in Computer Science but a Master on the Decks: One-on-One With DJ Vycek

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You spot them at an isolated corner in clubs and events, mainly associated with huge headphones sagging behind their necks, switching from one song to another without pausing the music, but one factor that very few can realize is the contribution they inject into the field of entertainment. I’m talking about the Disk Jockeys alias DJs.

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to sit down with one of the most prolific dee jays in Western Kenya. His name? DJ Vycek!

Wakajuaness: Hey whats-up man?

DJ Vycek: Whats-up bro.

Wakajuaness: Who is DJ Vycek?  

 DJ Vycek: Kepha Sitati is an entertainment enthusiast and a graduate of Computer Science but a professional deejay. 

Wakajuaness: Describe your journey into this dee-jaying industry. 

DJ Vycek: I started my way back while in primary school recording tracks on cassettes and and bacame an entertainment prefect in high school. I used to mix using Virtual dj 4.0 at the school’s computer lab instead of doing practicals. 

In college, I got exposed to CDJs at an open air event at Eldoret Sports Club. 

From then on, I decided to get my own set. I used my pocket money and also slashed part of my school fees and went ahead to buy a Numark N4 Controller back in 2012 which cost like 52k.

From then on I started borrowing laptops to help play with the controller untill my aunt got me a laptop. 

I downloaded YouTube tutorials for all deejying softwares and started working on them.

From then on its been magical with God’s grace.

Wakajuaness: Very inspiring background there. So, which genre of music do you play?

DJ Vycek: I play all music genres. I’ve done an Indian party. I’ve played at a Samburu wedding. I believe I’m an “all souls” entertainer.

Wakajuaness: Has it been easy being a DJ?

DJ Vycek: Owh NO! Nothing easy! I’ve  done shows for free when I fully depended on deejaying. Someone just refuses to pay you but never gave up. There’s nothing easy as far as talent is concerned. 
Wakajuaness: Right. What motivated you? 

DJ Vycek: My motivation comes from my past failures and mistakes. I push harder not to repeat the same mistakes I did.

Wakajuaness: Your role models in the field of disk joking?

DJ Vycek: I look up to Deejay Puffy. Barbados most talented who won the Red Bull 3 Style Competitions in Chile.

Wakajuaness: Aai, I will just google them but anyway, what makes you a unique Dj from others? 

DJ Vycek: [Laughs]. I do deejaying for the love of the art.  Because I want to leave a name behind the future of the art and not for the money, the ladies nor the free drinks.

Wakajuaness: You used to be a resident DJ at Club Vodka Martini in Bungoma town, how was your experience there?

DJ Vycek: I used to be a resident there but not anymore. Am now an entertainer for the Bungoma people. My fans have all been very wonderful. They’ve made me who I am today by believing in me and still pushing me to be greater.

Wakajuaness: Upcoming artists from Bungoma accuse you -the deejays – of not playing their music, is it true?

DJ Vycek: If u don’t put much into your music, who will want to listen to it? Most of our local artists don’t want to invest in their music thus several poorly-produced music. However, there’re those with good music which I personally play.

Wakajuaness: You also have a show on Tandao TV. How did you manage this?

DJ Vycek: Hehee, my work… Wakajuaness! I try as much as possible to deliver quality and unique type of content on local TV stations.

Wakajuaness: Speaking of Tvs, do you think local tv stations are doing enough to promote local musicians especially from Western Kenya? 

DJ Vycek: I don’t think so but  like I said, most of our local artistes are not meeting the TV stations standards on video quality and the audio recording.

Wakajuaness: Is there any difference between performing at a club and on a TV? 

DJ Vycek: A very big one. You know on TV, you just decide on a theme to observe and make a 2-hour playlist for one show not really minding a certain crowd unlike at the club where you play for at least 6 hours. You have to meet everyone’s taste of music plus lots of requests.

Wakajuaness: Challenges so far?

DJ Vycek: Currently am facing issues on starting up an online radio called Urge Radio with my friends Deejay El and Papa Ejilo. It’s quite a unique thing happening on this sides of the country so few people are embracing it at the moment.

Wakajuaness: Where do you see  yourself in five years?

DJ Vycek: Five years, hhhmmmm, Insha Allah Urge Radio will be a thing on its own. I will be a family man. I probably will be doing shows out of the country to grow my fan base as well as start preparing for retirement. 

Wakajuaness: No wedding ring on your finger?

DJ Vycek: [Laughs loudly]. I’m till a very young man though but I’m seeing someone. 

Wakajuaness. Your message to upcoming artists?

DJ Vycek: Talent is just a gift. What you use it for is what matters.

Wakajuaness: Anything that people don’t know about you?

DJ Vycek: I’m very prayerful, I don’t smoke, I don’t do alcohol, I’m an introvert and… owh a blood doner too.

Wakajuaness: That’s amazing. Where can fans get you on social Social media? 

DJ Vycek: Mail: djvycek@ymail.comInstagram: @djvycekTwitter: @djvycek; LinkedIn: @djvycekMixcloud: Urge RadioI respond in minutes.

Wakajuaness: Your message to the fans following this interview on Wakajuaness.Com 

DJ Vycek: I truly appreciate your support. I love you all. Thank you so much for believing in me even when I did not believe in myself.

Wakajuaness: Thank you so much Kepha Sitati for speaking to Wakajuaness.Com, can we have some beer at Shenanigans Sports Bar Bungoma?

DJ Vycek: Oww no please, I said I don’t drink. Del Monte will do.

Wakajuaness: Oh lord, thought you’d trap yourself on this…

DJ Vycek: You are a very funny writer, you bloggers…

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