A Crooked Chief Justice? Details of David Maraga’s Greed Exposed

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Chief Justice David Maraga. PHOTO/FILE

At a time when the economy is struggling, Kenyans can barely afford to meet their basic needs and are up in arms over Members of Parliament decision to pay themselves house allowance, the Chief Justice has secretly requested the SRC to approve and increase his special duty administrative allowance from K.Shs.150,000/- to K.Shs. 500,000/-.

It is common knowledge that the Chief Justice is paid per diem for all his local and foreign travel for himself, the staff he travels with, a majority of whom are from his ethnic community.

It is also common knowledge that the Chief Justice is always travelling, a situation which has ensured that most of the funds in the judiciary are utilized to facilitate his travel and that of his staff to the detriment of all other officers and services in the judiciary.

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The Chief Justice has drawn millions in allowances since coming into office. Why does he need more money? The only answer is that the Chief Justice is selfish especially at a time when junior officers are crying out for an increment in their salaries.

The Chief Justice has also secretly requested the SRC to approve a compensatory allowance for the time he has been using his private residence and for the period he will continue to use it.

When he accepted to serve as CJ, the terms were clear, why the demand for change of terms in the middle? Remember he is the custodian of rule of law in Kenya and should not be seen or heard making such ridiculous and selfish demand in the umbrella of JSC.

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As shown in the letter, JSC is allowed under law to provide leased premises for the CJ and the DCJ at a Max value of 300k and 250k per month respectively. Why not utilize these? Why choose to use his personal premises and claim compensation for it when you have a cost effective alternative? Is it just?

Instead of focusing on completing the CJs official residence which JSC is handling, the CJ is busy pushing for compensation and allowances for himself.

Information is rife that there is disquiet in the manner in which the Chief Justice is handling disciplinary issues of officers.

It is said the Chief Justice is handling them in a tribal and selective manner. He spares officers from his community even when complaints are filed.

He is quick to suspend officers from other communities while sparing his own. In the recent week, 6 officers have faced the axe from the CJ.

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One case that stands out is that of Hon. Isaac Orenge Senior Resident Magistrate who gave orders that led to the demolition of the popular famous Simmers Restaurant on Kenyatta Avenue. Despite the uproar and formal complaints that followed the demolition, he stays put. It is alleged that the reason the Chief Justice can take no action is because he is an Omugusii like himself.

ATTRIBUTE: Emmanuel Buchichi, Kakamega County Amani National Congress (ANC) Youth Leader.

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