A Cobler Shot Dead by Police in Bungoma Demos

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(MEDIA: Residents view the body of a man shot dead by police in Bungoma town. PHOTO/ SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS)

A youth in Bungoma town has been shot dead by anti-riot police.

The shoe repairer only identified as ‘Baro’, was short dead today in the morning when youths demonstrating against the election blocked the

Mumias-Kanduyi highway opposite Ukwala Supermarket.

The youths engaged the police in a run-and-return games, barricading the road and burning tyres that fummed huge smoke into the sky.

Police fired teargass canisters at the demonstrators to disperse them but when the cycle continued for more than an hour, the police allegedly followed Baro to his homestead in Muterwmuko area, where they shot him thrice, according to eye witnesses who asked for anonymity.

“The police chased us while firing teargass and what I think were bullets.” Said a woman who witnessed the incident while at hiding place.

“They singled out Baro and shot him three times; in the stomach, chest and kneck, where he died instantly.”

When this writer visited the scene, wailing residents had gathered around the remains of the body lying in a pool of fresh blood at a piece of land outside what is reported to be his home, nearly 300 metres from the highway Bungoma-Mumias highway.

The body had two bullets clearly seen pinned in his body; one at the navel and another one on his left side of the chest.

Clearly angered by the shooting, the residents wrapped the body in a blanket to carry it to Bungoma police station but were repulsed by the same police who were on the highway, prompting them to lay Baro’s remains across the highway as they chanted anti-election slogans. 

Attempts by police land cruiser to pick the body to Bungoma Referral Mortuary were met with futile resistance from the demonstrators who surrounded the diseased.

Police had to use teargass to disperse the crowds before finally picking the body at 12.20pm, two hours after the shooting. 

The incident has attracted wide criticism on social media, with users calling for investigations into the matter.

Bungoma is one of the regions believed to support Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Mr Odinga withdrew from the fresh election after successfully petitioning present Uhuru Kenyatta’s August 8 election which the Supreme Court found to have been conducted with several illegalities. 

The former Premier then called for his supporters to boycott the election, citing lack of reforms in the electoral agency. 

Police have been widely criticized by human rights bodies especially after killing more than 33 demonstrators in Kisumu town. 

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