3K FC Seek Financial Support Acquire a Mini-Bus for the Club

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The Kagumory-based football club has urged all the cheerful supporters, well wisher and solemn contributors for the mega funds drive in aid to purchase a mini-bus.

The Club has been struggling Embu County League in previous season during away matches which require travel and accommodation expenses across all the corners in the county.

The club emerged position one during county matches with 56 points and only two draws, becoming the first club ever to secure unbeaten record from home to away in all competitions.

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Targeting Ksh6 Million

After they were crowned with a direct ticket to Division II matches, 3K Football Club and the management have are seeking to raise Ksh6M for the vehicle.

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So far, the players and supporters have raised amount averaging to Ksh0.5 Million.

The mega funds drive will be held on 26th October 2019 at Royal Mini Inni – Embu.

Let’s motivate these rising stars and keep up in sporting activities.

You can send your contribution via Mpesa Paybill number 618630 and account number 3K fc.

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Your presence and generous contributions will be highly appreciated and a blessing to the club.

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