26 Years Old Lawyer to Vie Against Wangamati in 2022

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A twenty-six year old Law student from Bungoma Town has shocked many by declaring his interest to vie against Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati in 2022.

In a video sent to Wakajauness, the former Musikoma Secondary School student vowed to take Governor Wangamati home in the next general election.

Mr. Oliver Promise Namano, a Law graduate from Kabarak University, has criticized the current and previous regimes of providing poor leadership to the residents of Bungoma County.

“My County people, I hope that you guys are good. We’ve always had challenges with the leadership of this County starting from our first to the second Governor,” says the son of a renowned preacher in town.

Without naming the political party that will sponsor him, the young Kenyan has gone ahead to cite public demand as the reason her wants to save the people of Bungoma.

“Due to public demand, I will be vying for the gubernatorial seat come 2022. We will not allow this [poor] leadership to continue like this.”

Mr. Promise, as he is known by many, has promised to safeguard the public resources of the people of Bungoma under the slogan, WE CAN’T GO ON LIKE THIS.

“We will not allow them to keep on misusing our finances and if you give me your support, we will win this thing and heal together,’ promised Mr. Promise in a telephone interview with this writer.

Mr. Promise’s declaration comes amidst pressure from the public calling upon Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to crack the whip following corrupt allegations in his administration.

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Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati addressing the media on Saturday 11th April, 2020 at the County Headquarters in Bungoma town. The Governor stated that no single coin had been lost in the war against COVID-19. PHOTO CREDIT/Nation
Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati addressing the media on Saturday 11th April, 2020 at the County Headquarters in Bungoma town. The Governor stated that no single coin had been lost in the war against COVID-19. PHOTO CREDIT/Nation

Mr. Promise graduated with a degree in law and has also completed the Kenya School of Law, awaiting admission to the bar.

His declaration also comes in the middle of the rising conversation on the fate of youthful leadership in elective positions.


To be elected as a Governor in Kenya, one:

  • Must have been Kenyan citizens for at least 10 years;
  • Must not owe allegiance to a foreign state;
  • Must be eligible for election as a member of the county assembly;
  • Must be a registered voter;
  • Is a holder of a degree from a University recognized in Kenya;
  • Is nominated by a Political Party or is an independent candidate;
  • Must meet the statutory moral and ethical requirements under the Leadership and Integrity Act;
  • Must not be a public officer or acting in any State of public office other than a member of the County Assembly;
  • Must not hold dual citizenship unless citizenship of the other country has been obtained by operation of law without capacity to opt out;
  • Must not be an undischarged bankrupt;
  • Must not be a person of unsound mind;
  • Must not be subject to a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months from the date of registration of candidates or date of elections;
  • Must not have been found to have abused or misused state or public office or contravened Chapter Six of the Constitution; and
  • Must not have been dismissed or removed from public office for contravening the provisions of Articles 75, 76, 77 and 78 of the Constitution.
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(All requirement for County Governor apply to the Deputy Governor)


The Candidate must submit the following documents to the Commission during the Commission Nomination:

  • Certified copies of educational qualification certificates, including a Degree Certificate in accordance with Section 22 of the Elections Act, 2011 and Regulation 47 of Elections (General) Regulations, 2012.
  • A copy of a National Identity Card/valid Passport (the document used by the candidate to register as a voter)
  • A Passport size photograph with white background submitted in hard and soft copy.
  • If a Party Candidate, a Nomination Certificate from a fully registered political party nominating the candidate, duly signed and dated by an authorized official of the party
  • A duly signed and dated Code of Conduct (Second Schedule of the Elections Act, 2011)
  • A duly filled Commission Nomination Form, including an original Statutory Declaration Form for purposes of nomination (Regulation 18(3) Elections (General) Regulations, 2012) and an original Self-Declaration Form (Regulation 46 of Elections (General) Regulations, 2012)
  • Nomination fees in a Banker’s Cheque payable to IEBC:
    • 50, 000 for candidates.
    • 25,000 for a candidate who is a youth, a woman or a person with a disability.

For an Independent Candidate:

  • A Clearance Certificate from the Registrar of Political Parties certifying that the person was not a member of any political party for the last 3 months before the elections; (Regulation 15(a) (General) Regulations, 2012
  • An electronic and a printed copy of a list of at least 500 supporters in the prescribed form, submitted to the Commission.
  • A duly filled Form of Intention to Contest, prescribed by the Commission.
  • A symbol the candidate intends to use during the election, which has been approved by the Commission
  • Establish and maintain a functioning office in the respective electoral area where the candidate is contesting, which must be available for inspection by the Commission at least 45 days before the elections. The address, including the physical address of the office must be communicated to the Commission.
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If elected, Mr. Promise will become the youngest Kenyan to be elected as a Governor, at just 28.

So far, the youngest Governor in Kenya is Governor Stephene Sang of Nandi Governor who is 35 years now.

Promise has also urged residents of Bungoma and other Kenyans to continue observing preventive measures against the Coronavirus.

“The pandemic has halted so many business operations and the earlier we battle this virus together, the earlier we go back to our normal businesses and fend for our families”.

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