15,000 Fans Turn Up for Comedian’s Funeral as Emotions Cloud Tiny Village

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An approximated 14,000 fans turned up at Mbakalo High School in Tongaren Constituency to fare-thee-well comedian John Gift.

In an event that was skipped by senior County Government officials from Bungoma County, several speakers eulogised the departed comedian as a supposed-to-be a hope for the society.

A multitude of artists, social media groups as well as school children chocked the school compound in an emotional send-off of an icon they had barely started enjoying his comedies.

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John Gift lost his life on June 1st under unclear circumstances.

An autopsy report explained to The Standard Digital revealed that the 23-year old University of Eldoret student died due to excessive bleeding in the skull and his intestines.

However, Kakamega-based government pathologist Dixon Muchai could not immediately establish the cause of the suspicious bleeding and even ruled out any possibility of sodomy as claimed by social media reports linked to a former Bungoma Gubernatorial aspirant John Nduruchi.

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Bungoma Liberation organizer Chesoli Wamalwa asked the elected leaders to come out of their comfort zone and help pile pressure on the government to find the ‘killers’ of John Gift.

“We as Bungoma Liberation Facebook group are saddened by the sudden demise of John Gift. But we will be more saddened if our elected leaders do nothing to ensure justice is served.

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Among those present at the funeral include Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa and several MCAs.

There was no representative from the County Government of Bungoma.

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