Kadenge Sends Strong Message Ahead of FKF Elections

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Nzoia Sugar Fc Chairman Evance Esebwe Kadenge has sent out a strong message to football stakeholders,  ahead of the court- struck Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential elections.

Speaking with Wakajuaness.Com, Kadenge has called upon the various presidential candidates to put the interests of players on the forefront ahead of their own, if we are ever to see a growth of our football to international levels.

“Elections cases and petitions have been so much that we don’t know where we are heading to. Even if Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Amb. Amina Mohammed gives us the go-ahead to start the league, I don’t know who will be in-charge” Kadenge said.

He further added that all the aspirants should highly consider the interests of players ahead of their own, and therefore work as a team instead of the open differences the country is witnessing over the elections. This, Kadenge said, includes whoever will win the elections who should ensure he works with other stakeholders.

“The person who will be elected as the FKF President should sit down with all other stakeholders and work as a team. I do not know if KPL will be there or another group will come in, but whoever will continue managing the league should join forces and work together with other entities for the growth of our football.”

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According to Kadenge, the divisions and fiascos currently being witnessed over the elections clearly show that the aspirants have personal interests,  ahead of giving better service to Kenyan football. He urges those who will lose to support the winner and move forward.

“When you see these divisions we are currently seeing, then it definitely means those interested in those positions only have their interests at hand. These are the things derailing Kenyan football. Even those who will lose the elections should support the winner as we move forward. Whoever will be elected will be our elder, let us give him the maximum support” he said.

The chairman also urged the Sports Ministry to hasten the return of sports in the country, noting that the more players are staying without play is the more they are rusting.

” The protocols need to be put in place so that at least we can return to sports. The more players are staying with no play, the more they keep rusting (staying out of form). For my team, those who are around are trying to keep fit by doing training at Sudi stadium. The challenge is those who are far” Kadenge said, adding that his team is yet to be busy in the transfer market.

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“We have not made ant transfers or sold any players, but we are accommodating local players who are training with the team as we see their progress.”

Kadenge, who is son to former legendary footballer Joe Kadenge, is also hopeful that he can better things while he takes charge at the Bungoma based club for the next three years, to revamp it to the heights it held in the early 2000s.

“As the chairman, I have many plans at hand, and I hope God will help me so that in the next three terms that I will be in charge, I will be able to revamp Nzoia Fc to the status it had in the early 2000s. That’s my biggest prayer and I know if God will help me, I will succeed. We have been struggling even to win matches, but I want in the three years that I will be in charge, someone can come to see us play and say, ‘ This indeed is the great Nzoia Fc’ ” he said.

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Some of the plans he revealed they are putting in place include looking for a sponsor, and setting up a club office, fan base and merchandise shop for selling club apparel.

“We need our own office to handle all club issues and building our fan base starting with fans from around us. I am doing my best and hoping that we get a sponsor so that they can partner up with the company for the team. The club needs to move to an independent level where we can manage player’s salaries without struggling, and day to day needs. The biggest challenge with Kenyan football is that clubs cannot maintain player’s salaries consistently. There are also plans like opening a merchandise shop where we will be able to sell club apparels,” Kadenge revealed.


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